65 Offices With the Capability to Cover 130+ Countries Across the Globe

Gallup International was formally founded in May 1947 with 11 pioneering research institutes and Dr. George H Gallup as its first President.

Today the network of members and partners of Gallup International Association covers around 130 countries of the world.

Our members are leading national institutes with a profound local knowledge of research methods and techniques, statistical sources, customs and culture differences of its own country and carefully selected by the Association Board.

The accumulated expertise of the Association is formidable – we have internationally renowned experts in public opinion, Third World issues, advertising, and media research as well as in commercial fields such as IT/telecommunications, healthcare, retail, economics, corporate research and so on. Members are at the leading edge of technical and methodological developments, which have impacted on not only the research industry but also the whole commercial world.

Among our Gallup International partner network we have digital research experts who deliver insights beyond surveys, that answer the hardest questions, rooted in authentic voices from social media. Where online access panels are not available we can reach respondents by using geotargeting technology to reach respondents via social media networks.
We will make the best use of all our global resources to answer your research needs. We will provide a central point of contact throughout the life cycle of the survey from inception to delivery of final summary report of the data analysis, including major findings, trends and conclusions.

For details about our network please contact: management@~@gallup-international.com